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Mosquito Weather Alert

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Mosquitoes 🦟 come alive when it's above 75 🌡️ .

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Mosquitoes can be active when it's a warm and sunny day 🌞.

Three ways to stay bite-free during Mosquito Weather.

Protect against bites with repellent

person applying mosquito repellent

Pick up a bottle that contains one of the following active ingredients

  1. Oil of lemon eucalyptus
  2. Picaridin
  3. DEET
  4. IR3535

Tip out any stagnant water

pouring water out of pan

Mosquitoes are going to dance out of their eggs and develop into adult mosquitoes once warm weather arrives. Stop them from growing their wings by eliminating stagnant water weekly.

Toss any unused containers

throwing pan away

If you are unable to scrub or tip out containers, either get rid of them or put them somewhere where they'll stay dry. Take the time to scrub down the containers, just in case mosquito eggs are stuck to the inside of the containers.

Not-So-Fun Fact: Remember those Aedes mosquitoes ("ankle biters")? Their eggs are stuck to the inside of containers and can survive for more than a year. Once water fills the container, the eggs will activate and hatch.
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We monitor and control mosquitoes in public spaces