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It’s A Very Merry (Not) Mosquito Time of Year! 

crossword puzzle, cartoon mosquito

Happy National Crossword Puzzle Day! In honor of the game, we created our own mosquito inspired crossword puzzle. So get with the buzz after you tip ’N toss. #CrosswordPuzzleDay

Download Here 

SGV Mosquito Crossword Puzzle.pdf

Answer key will be posted on December 27th.

Answer key
May contain: game and crossword puzzle



1. Mysterious or obscure water sources that are hard to find

3. Half of the mosquitoes that are born do not bite because they are _____

5. What you may feel if bitten by an infected mosquito?

8. An animal that can transmit disease-causing germs

10. A mosquito-borne disease; mutated in Brazil, with devastating effects in 2015

11. An essential habitat for mosquito growth

12. Male mosquitoes have more ______ on their antennae than females

14. The seventeenth letter in Greek alphabet

19. The biggest mosquito-borne disease threat in SoCal every year

22. One of your essential partners in a successful Bite Back Campaign

23. What comes first in a mosquito’s life cycle?

24. The number of eggs that invasive Aedes mosquitoes can lay at a time

25. The color of pool water that mosquitoes love best

26. The name of the genus (scientific group) of mosquitoes that have recently invaded California

27. Only female mosquitoes do it; transmission route for a dangerous pathogen

28. The key ingredient that female mosquitoes need in order to produce eggs

29. The only aquatic stage in a mosquito’s life cycle that takes in food

31. An abbreviation for an East Coast mosquito-borne disease; often deadly for horses and people

32. The only water condition female mosquitoes will accept for egg laying

33. Scientific classification; group name for related species


1. A hint or signal; for pool or billiards

2. When neglected, can produce 3 million mosquitoes a month

3. The name for a mosquito “Down Under”

4. Must pass one out of four in order to advance in California vector control

6. Musical instrument that resembles the identifying features of an adult yellow fever mosquito

7. Laid as a group; floating on the surface of the water

9. Coal black “Canary” for West Nile virus

13. A well-intentioned solution to the water crisis; can pose a threat to public health

14. What happens in a pest population when the same pesticide is used too much?

15. Mosquitoes go through _____ when developing from eggs to adults

16. Replaces “Dump and Drain”; the new mantra for invasive mosquitoes

17. The non-feeding aquatic mosquito stage

18. First name only; not really a fly, but will eat mosquitoes

20. Moving from water to air; from pupa to adult

21. Essential for bite prevention

27. Used to lure adult mosquitoes into traps

29. One of six; this defines most insects

30. The hatch in the egg that releases the tiny kraken