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Have you seen Asian giant hornets aka Murder Hornets?

May contain: animal, wasp, bee, andrena, insect, hornet, and invertebrate
Currently, there are no confirmations of Asian giant hornets in California

There is an increased concern about the invasive Asian giant hornet (aka murder hornets) confirmation in Washington State.

Read NPR article "Murder Hornets Invade Pacific Northwest, Threaten The Honeybee Population"

How to Report Asian Giant Hornets

Please report suspected sightings of Asian giant hornets to California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Report a Pest portal /  📞 (800) 491-1899


Asian giant hornet next in cavity of embankment

Asian giant hornets are primarily agricultural pests that can impact honeybee populations. They have secondary health significance to human health when they sting people who disturb their underground colonies. More information from Washington State Department of Agriculture

Currently, mosquitoes in L.A. County are considered more deadly than Asian giant hornets

Mosquitoes feed directly on people, which can result in the spread of diseases such as West Nile virus. 🦠

Tip and toss stagnant water and protect yourself with repellent to prevent getting sick from mosquito bites. 🦟

May contain: honey bee, bee, animal, insect, invertebrate, andrena, wasp, hornet, and apidae