Education Program

The Education Program is geared to all grades/age groups and the prorgram is free to schools located within our District.

There are three options for educators:


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How We Help Educators

• Each program begins with one or more grade-appropriate Next Generation science standards.

• All curriculum planned and implemented by Education Specialist. Sit back and enjoy the show with your students!

What Students Learn

• Each program has information about mosquitoes then moves on to one or more life science standards or an ecological topic using insects as models.

• Each class will experience our “rolling museum” of live animals (some specimens are subject to seasonal availability), pinned collections and other preserved material and models, literature, coloring sheets, and other items for students, teachers, and parents.

• The Education Specialist highlights the importance of the preservation of habitats and species diversity and the role of invertebrates in nature, in human health and in the face of a rapidly changing planet.