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Do the Winter Mosquito Wipe Out

If you think mosquitoes are gone during Southern California cold weather or even during winter rain storms, think again!

Certain mosquitoes can lay time-capsule eggs that will "hibernate" during the winter. These eggs can hatch when exposed to stagnant water during a warm day. 

Our backyards and patios are perfect for mosquito eggs and larvae to "hibernate" until the temperature rises again. And if we have warm winter days, mosquitoes will ruin any outdoor gathering you have planned.

Take steps NOW to curb the mosquito menace that'll fly into your home when the weather warms.

The Winter Mosquito Wipe Out is Easy

  • Take 10 minutes every week to walk your yard/patio
  • Check for any clutter/containers that can hold stagnant water
  • Tip and toss any stagnant water 

More info about getting rid of mosquitoes HERE

Don't forget to Ditch the Itch

When outdoors, wear any ONE of the following CDC-recommended ingredients:

  • Picaridin
  • DEET
  • Oil of lemon eucalyptus
  • IR3535

For more info on repellent, click HERE

Want to do more?

Prepare for the 2019 mosquitoes by becoming a Bite Back Champion for your neighborhood!

To start a neighborhood campaign against mosquitoes, head over to