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California Mosquito Awareness Week April 14 - 20, 2024

California Mosquito Awareness Week

Sharks get a whole week of programming, but why don't mosquitoes?

Mosquito Control is a Shared Responsibility

To raise awareness and educate the public on the health threats mosquitoes pose to our communities, the California Mosquito and Vector Control Association declared April 14 - 20 California Mosquito Awareness Week.

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Why Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures on the planet. When they bite and suck your blood, they can transmit (spread) viruses and parasites into your body.

An infographic showing the "World's Deadliest Animals" by annual human deaths, highlighting mosquitoes as the deadliest. #MosquitoWeek

West Nile virus is the biggest threat to people living in Los Angeles County, including residents in San Gabriel Valley. The California Department of Public Health reported more than 770 West Nile virus cases in just the past two years! 

Illustration showing the West Nile virus transmission cycle involving mosquitoes, birds, humans, and horses. #MosquitoWeek

It's All About the Water

Mosquitoes lay their eggs using any stagnant water they can find in your backyard or patio.

Water around your home should be used as soon as possible. Even a teaspoon of water can attract mosquitoes!

An infographic about preventing mosquito breeding by tipping out stagnant water and tossing unused containers. #MosquitoWeek

Repel, Don't Swell

Mosquitoes have been around since the dinosaurs, and they will continue to thrive on our planet. One way to keep them from biting is to wear mosquito repellent that works.

Wearing loose light-fitting long-sleeve pants and shirts is highly recommended. Also make sure there are no tears in your window and door screens. Mosquitoes are small and can fit through even the smallest tears in your door or window.

Don't Bring Back Mosquito Disease as a Souvenir

Traveling this summer? If you're going to an area that has mosquitoes spreading viruses such as Zika or dengue, make sure you pack and wear insect repellent. Bring back memories, not diseases.

Infographic showing four mosquito repellent ingredients: DEET, Picaridin, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, IR3535. #MosquitoWeek

Male Mosquitoes Don’t Bite

Male mosquitoes only feed on nectar and water. Only female mosquitoes bite and use our blood to produce their eggs. 

A close-up image of a male mosquito with text stating "Male mosquitoes don’t bite" and "feed only on nectar and water." #MosquitoWeek

Don't Be Fooled

Many insects look like mosquitoes, but they are not! Don’t let crane flies bug you. These “Imposters” are harmless, have short lifespans, and will usually go away in a couple of weeks.   


An educational image comparing a non-biting crane fly to a disease-transmitting mosquito next to a quarter. #MosquitoWeek