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Short Bites Monthly

Your digest for January 2023.

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Short Bites Monthly ensures that our data as a public health agency remains transparent to the public and to people who are interested in our mission.

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  • Welcome back to another year of events! You can book us on our website or through the button below:

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Outreach Efforts

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The Bite Back Tour

  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to host another season of The Bite Back Tour this year.
  • However, you can watch all episodes of Season 1 and Season 2 on our YouTube channel.

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EcoHealth Newsletter

Attention educators & science enthusiasts! We have a wonderful monthly newsletter that is right up your alley.

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Public Health Teacher of the Year

  • Public Health Teacher of the Year, Mr. Dev from Sierra Madre Middle School, promotes professional development and citizen science as keys to success.

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Image of 2022 Public Health Teacher of the Year, Ravi Dev Anandhan.

Digital Communication

  •  Winter can get wacky on film days … As seen in the image below, the Communications Dept. takes advantage of rainy weather to produce in-house content.
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Image of Communications Dept. filming on green screen.
  • We are working on bilingual videos & social media posts that help bridge the language gap between us & our multilingual residents.
  • In case you missed it: check out our song parody on Mi Burrito Sabanero, called ‘Mis Mosquitas Peligrosas’
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We continue to focus on maintaining essential vector surveillance including mosquito trap routes, arbovirus testing, providing weekly data to the District, and maintaining the mosquito fish and mosquito colonies.

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Image of mosquito analysis in the District lab.

Data Collection

  • This month, the average number of Aedes mosquitoes caught per trap continued to decline from the previous month.
  • Aedes mosquitoes, also known as ankle biters, are not as active during the cold weather. Currently, these black-and-white striped mosquitoes are considered nuisance biters and are not spreading any diseases locally.
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Image of average mosquitoes per trap by sampling location and by city/community. The size of the bubbles on the map reflects the relative numbers of mosquitoes caught at each trap.

Before you go, check out the links we love this month …

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person in Mosquito costume waving
What Is The Atmospheric River That Is Soaking California? 

Short Wave by NPR breaks down atmospheric rivers, how climate change is leading to more of them, and why they’re more common on the west coast. Listen Now...

After the Rain, Dump and Drain 

The best time to mosquito-proof your home is before and after it rains. Check out our hacks for staying bite-free another day. Read More...

Virtual plant & prune classes from Armstrong Garden Centers 

Watch experts guide you through their favorite gardening techniques. 

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Communications Department Mission Statement:

Increase transparency and credibility through multi-media dialogue in order to engage and motivate internal, local, regional, statewide, and nationwide stakeholders to take action and become public health agents of change in their communities.


🖋 Written by Ally Gaspar, Outreach Assistant