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High mosquito activity heading into July 4th holiday week

 Mosquito trap data from sgvmvcd

June 22 to 26

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Dotted line shows the three-year average

They bite-- they breed-- they transmit viruses -- AND they love outdoor festivities. Can you guess which tiny pest we're talking about? Yes, mosquitoes!

With July Fourth quickly approaching, mosquitoes can't wait to join in on their favorite activities like backyard barbeques, swimming, and grubbing on tasty humans. Let's keep these uninvited guests from ruining the fun by making sure to always apply repellent over sunscreen.

Mosquito trap counts from last week (June 22-26) presented a 349% increase compared to this time in 2019. While all of our mosquito and bird samples have tested negative for West Nile virus (WNV) so far, the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District has reported positive WNV activity last week in L.A. County.

There is a 349% increase in mosquito abundance compared to the same week in 2019

 With average mosquito numbers on a steady incline, it's more important now than ever to Tip, Toss, and Protect. Keep doing your part SGV; and have a wonderful, mosquito-less July Fourth weekend!

Tip, toss, protect