Request Presentation or Fair Attendance

In addition to our school outreach, SGVMVCD participates in fairs and can provide interactive presentations. Our presentations and booths are at no extra cost to organizations in our jurisdiction in San Gabriel Valley. 

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Please provide at least four weeks notice so that we can better accommodate your requests.

Four Options for Cities, Agencies and Organizations

1. Presentations To Organizations/Cities/Agencies (10-30 minutes):

  • Stop the Buzz: Understanding the World's Deadliest Creature
  • Keep the Bite Out of Your Community
  • Water Conservation and Smart Gardening
  • Mosquito Safety Training for Office and Field staff

2. Presentations for Neighbors (20-30 minutes):

  • Bite Back Workshop: A grassroots approach to the complexities of controlling mosquitoes in our cities

 3. Our Event Booth Features:

  • 10x10 space (a big plus if organizers can supply canopy/table/chairs)
  • Mosquitoes (Live and dead)
  • Interactive displays showing where mosquitoes breed
  • Cool facts about mosquitoes
  • Giveaways!

4. Dez Eez ("Disease") the Giant Inflatable Mosquito Booth:

  • Ideal for 1,000+ attendance at city and large community events.
  • Needs a 20x20x20 ft clearance for set-up and take-down
  • Big plus if our vehicle can load/unload Dez near her set-up site
  • Needs access to electrical outlet (Blower uses 3-prong plug into standard household 115 volt and has a draw of 12.8A)
  • Cannot operate at night unless in a well-lit environment (for visitors' safety)
Download: Dez Eez Flyer for Cities and Organizations [JPG]
Families can walk inside the inflatable booth to bug out!

To request Dez, please fill out the form below.

Please provide at least four weeks notice so that we can better accommodate your requests.

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