National Mosquito Awareness Week

June 24 - June 30, 2018

National Mosquito Awareness Week is a time to inspire people in cities across the United States to take action and educate each other about the threats of mosquitoes in our own backyards.

Wait, we have mosquito problems in cities?

Mosquitoes kill and sicken more people than any other creature on this planet. In fact, hundreds of people get sick in California from mosquito bites. When mosquitoes bite, they can transmit diseases such as West Nile virus. Zika, yellow fever and dengue fever are new diseases that threaten our communities.


What can I do about it?

Your home, inside and in the backyard, can be the perfect mosquito factory.

Mosquitoes use stagnant water in any container to lay their eggs. 

Tip 'n Toss, Show them Who's Boss! Remove stagnant water and unused containers once a week. It's that simple!


Join the Campaign


Let's go digital. Click HERE to download and spread the awareness.