Classroom Programs

Thank you for your interest in our life science classroom programs. We have programs for all grades/age groups and they are free to schools located within our district. All of our programs address specific California state standards and address environmental factors at play in our local ecology, in vector control, and the effect of human activity on the organisms found in our neighbourhoods. We highlight the importance of preservation of habitats, species diversity, and the vital role insects and other invertebrates have in both nature and human health.
All presentations use bold, engaging images. Each begins with information about mosquitoes and stinging insects then moves on to one or more life science standards or an ecological topic using insects as models. Programs are shorter for pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten groups and we offer the option of an interactive puppet show in lieu of a PowerPoint presentation. We can present for one or multiple classrooms and/or grade levels at your school, rotating each class through a designated room of your choice (after-school room, classroom or meeting room). Rooms should have a projection surface and contain desks, tables or counter tops for display materials. We will provide all other necessary equipment and will work around your regular school schedule (recesses, lunch breaks, etc.).
We bring to each class our “rolling museum” of live animals (some specimens are subject to seasonal availability), pinned collections and other preserved material and models, literature, coloring sheets, and other items for students, teachers, and parents.
We do not require you to choose the program designed for your specific grade. If there is a topic you would like covered that is not a part of an existing program or would like to combine topics we may be able to customize something for you. Please note, special requests take time to prepare.  

Please review our programs here: