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Rain, rain, dump 'n drain; Stay bite-free another day!

The winter rain has flushed out a lot of mosquitoes from our channels and storm drains (Yes, they hunker down there due to it being nice and warm).

Unfortunately, our yards are now filled with stagnant water!

The best time to mosquito-proof your home is in between these winter rain events.

Your actions now will destroy the mosquito eggs that are "hibernating" this winter in your yard and waiting to hatch when it's warm again.

Take Note

  • Rain barrels: Check for any holes in the barrel or tears in the mesh. Any opening is an invitation for mosquitoes to lay more than 1,000 eggs inside your rain barrel.
  • Small containers like plant saucers: Toss them if they're old/cracking. Tip out any stagnant water.
  • Larger water-holding containers like buckets or old tires: Toss them or put them somewhere where water cannot collect.
  • Swimming pools: It may be too cold for a dip, but that doesn't mean you let the maintenance slip! Three million mosquitoes can emerge out of an unmaintained pool.
May contain: vase, plant, potted plant, jar, pottery, and outdoors

Stay Bite-free and Happy Holidays, neighbors!